Why is My AC Freezing Up?

Your air conditioner may freeze up, a term that people have given to a unit that is running, but has no cool air coming out. Usually, an air conditioner that is freezing up also causes small leaks/drips to come out of the evaporator coils. This problem is a common experience for homeowners, and one that has many possible culprits behind the trouble. It is also very frustrating to endure the problem because it’s so hot in the house without the cool air blowing throughout each room. Let’s learn a little bit more about freezing AC units.

Issues That Cause AC Units to Freeze

The cold coil within the AC unit is one likely culprit of freezing unit. The coil should be warm at all times, but when mishaps occur and the air flow is interrupted, it may not stay warm. This can cause the unit to freeze up. Improper fan operation is another of the common causes that a unit may freeze up. If the fan does not functioning well enough to push air out consistently, freezing is oftentimes the resulting complaint. These two issues are just a couple of the things that can cause the AC unit to freeze.

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What to do With a Freezing AC

If your AC unit freezes up, the best solution is to turn off the unit and call a professional to schedule service.  They can inspect the unit to determine the exact cause of the problem so you’re not without the cool, fresh air that you need any longer than necessary. Most of the issues that cause freezing are minor if they’re repaired on a timely basis. Plus, ac repair conroe costs are half the price you’ll pay if you wait and let the problems get worse.